· A space for each approved sutler is pre-assigned based on the set-up information provided on registration form. Sharing your site with another business that has not successfully passed the jury process is prohibited: violators may forfeit their invitation to future events hosted by CMD. If you wish to share a site with another sutler, please contact CMD. If you are sharing a site, please be sure your application indicates all set-up dimension information for tentage to avoid infringing on another sutlers space. Sutlers may not set up or conduct business in the camping area.

· All participants must be in proper attire and use shelters and equipment appropriate to eastern North America between 1730 and 1790. Unacceptable attire includes fringed buckskin shirts and pants, 19th century waistcoats or vests, uncovered modern shoes (unless medically required), top hats, glengarries, straw “boaters” or 19th century flat crowned straw hats. Participants are expected to remain in period dress during the entire event.

· Acceptable shelters include simple lean-tos, diamond flys, marquees, wedges, or wall tents. Whelan’s, Bakers, Tipis, and single-pole pyramid or Hunter’s tents are not acceptable.

· You are expected to use period lighting (candles, firelight) for illumination in camp. Fluorescent or incandescent lighting is discouraged. Please be mindful of your fellow participants. You are expected to take all care with fires and candles and have a filled water bucket available at all times.

· Water and wood will be provided onsite. Per Lebanon Parks Department policy, you may not bring firewood from anywhere offsite. Ice will be available for purchase on site.

· With the exception of service dogs (ADA Title III), participants may not bring animals to the Colonial Market Days event. Cavalry units must check with CMD staff.

· It is the vendor’s responsibility to be in compliance with Indiana state tax laws. Vendor’s must have a Retail Merchant Certificate and should have a copy handy if needed. A copy of the form needed to be completed if you do not have an Indiana Retail Merchant Certificate is attached.

· No modern packaging should be visible in your display. Do not use self-adhesive price tags or stickers.

· Our Trade Committee will continually inspect your appearance in camp, accouterments, etc.

· The sale, trade, or barter of alcohol and/or black powder is prohibited.

· Flintlock firearms only may be sold or traded.

· Sales of the following items will not be allowed:

  • ANY item outside the approved time period (1730-1790)
  • Anything that is blaze, hunter or fluorescent orange.
  • Items that have visible plastic parts (such as plastic parasol handles, etc.).
  • Non-period jewelry (such as turquoise set in silver; dragons, wizards, etc.).
  • Glass marbles.
  • Slat back chairs.
  • Stickers, miniature flags, post 1790 military badges, souvenir items.
  • Speckle ware.
  • Medieval, Dragon and/or 19th century Celtic items.
  • Prehistoric stone tools or projectile points.
  • Illegal animal parts/products. You are responsible for knowing the rules in Indiana. Contact the Indiana Department of Natural Resources.
  • Non-packaged/unwrapped food items may only be dispensed by the sutler.
  • Modern gun tools and molds may be sold, but must not be on open display.
  • CD’s, tapes, and Clothing Patterns in modern wrappers must be kept out of plain view.
  • Banjos, modern guitars, and mountain dulcimers may not be sold. Post-1790 instruments must be kept out of sight during public hours.

App and Trade Rules (pdf)